27 February 2024

Exciting opportunities coming up

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We have three exciting opportunities coming up for enthusiastic candidates.

Frank, our current director, has announced his departure by the end of the year, prompting our search for a successor starting July 1st, 2024. So, if you are enthusiastic about leading the charge for sustainable aviation and driving collaboration and innovation for our members, then this role might be perfect for you!

In addition to the director position, we’re also expanding our team with a valorisation broker to accelerate aviation sustainability initiatives. The valorisation broker plays a key role in maximizing the value of Dutch knowledge within sustainable aviation.

Furthermore, to replace our current Project Manager International events, we’re also hiring an experienced project manager (ideally starting April 1st) to replace our current one.

To replace our current project manager, we are looking for an experienced project manager. As the new project manager, you will oversee various international events, including organizing trade missions and representing us at international trade fairs.

We are currently seeking a valorisation broker to enhance our team. This pivotal role is crucial for expediting sustainability efforts within aviation, cultivating advancement and innovation throughout the industry.

Are you passionate about driving the forefront of sustainable aviation, fostering collaboration among NAG members, and enhancing their earning potential through innovative technology and business development initiatives?