19 September 2022


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The second segment meeting of the Airport Development was partly dedicated to further develop the input generated in the first session in April. A very important part of the international activities of the NAG is to plan and support international trade missions.

Although there is quite a spread in focus and potential market, there was a lot of interest for visits to Indonesia and Vietnam. Other countries mentioned were the US, Canada and several European countries such as Scandinavia and Poland. Additionally a very interesting suggestion is to build up a relation with national airport associations in the UK, Germany and France.

Many of subjects for future Airport Development meetings were suggested such as energy management and infrastructure on airports, intermodality with a passenger centric approach, autonomous airside  and the bag journey, with already some volunteers to present their knowledge, services and products.

The meetings was followed by the following presentations:

  • Daan van Dijk, Innovation Lead and Mathijs Koper, program manager Airport Technology Lab (ATL) at RHIA “co-creation of innovative digital airport services”
  • Sahand Mohammadi Ziabari, Postdoctoral Researcher at TU Delft (AI in Aviation) “’Agent-based modeling and simulation of airport terminals
  • Sicco Santema, professor networked innovation at TU Delft faculty of Industrial Design Engineering “Digitalisation in the passenger journey, the way forward to seamless travel?”

It was nice to see that the presentations led to many questions and discussions, showing that these are very actual subjects with the participants.

As always, the last part of the segment meeting was sharing the latest company news, projects and insights from all participants, followed by lunch.