22 November 2023

Report IQ-cluster 2023

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A wet Thursday November 9th proved to be an excellent opportunity again for the NAG IQ community to join at Fokker Techniek in Woensdrecht to discuss several topics of interest for quality management staff and process improvers in general management and beyond.

After a welcome from Edwin Poldermans – site responsible manager for Fokker Services Group/Fokker Techniek, the following topics discussed:

  • Under the headline Risk Based Thinking & Risk Management
    • Safety Management System (SMS)
    • CSRD reporting, a pragmatic approach for Strategic Planning and Process Improvement.
  • Under the headline Improvement Management
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Translation of risks & opportunities towards step-based improvement management

To start with the first, SMS requirements from EASA to manufacturers and MRO companies (where it used to be focused on Operations). Eelco Bakker, Head Office of Airworthiness ADSE DOA, introduced the topic based on hies own experience within a DOA and a POA. How do you respond in a proportional way was a hot discussion topic. Which Safety Performance Indicators are useful for a DOA or for an equipment or component manufacturing and/or MRO manufacturer?

Next topic dealt with the upcoming requirements for more and more companies on reporting CSRD – Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive topics (against the background of the wider ESG framework). Big companies must start reporting over 2024 for the first time (and have been preparing for it the last couple of years). Smaller companies must provide more and more information to the big (mother) companies to support this. And SME’s must prepare for their own deadlines in the coming years, whether these deadlines are regulatory, or customer driven.

Two presentations, from NACO, by Ann-Carolin Flesch, Aviation Sustainability Consultant.

And a presentation from KLM, by Beatriz Miniz Piniella, ESRS Implementation Lead “KLM & ESRS Implementation”, provided a clear(er) picture of the work ahead.

In the afternoon we continued with Jan Molenschot, Enes Sarigül & Veerle Konings from the Continuous Improvement Team of Fokker Services Group who shared their first-year experience as young professionals in support of process improvements on the shop floor and supporting processes. Their main take away: it’s all about the people, so build relationships first and then the improvement projects will come naturally!!

The last presentation was from Leendert-Jan Nijstad, managing director from Photon First who presented a pragmatic approach for the translation of risks & opportunities towards step-based improvement management. It connects strategic business goals with bottom-up team involvement in an interactive way, without piles of paper and complex matrices.

Both the morning and afternoon sessions were followed by round table discussions that provided the opportunity to learn from each other.

We are looking forward to next year when we will continue our efforts to connect QM-staff and process improvers in general. Topics for next year mentioned by the participants were Configuration Management, Supply chain risks, Information Safety (ISMS/cyber). We would like you to provide your thoughts as well, and will resend the enquiry we used before.