16 January 2024

Report meeting SIG Airport Development “Autonomous Airport”

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On 16th January 2024 the meeting of the Special Interest Group Airport Development with the theme “Autonomous Airport” took place at MEP Voice Communication Systems in Amsterdam.

Thanks to Werner van Eck, CEO of MEP, for hosting and acting as chairman of this meeting.

After an introduction by Werner there were four pitches of:

  • Paul Hesen, Commercial Solution Drector for autonomous bagage handling at Vanderlande about “AV solutions and developments”
  • Simon Prent, founder/productmanagement Usher AI & Robbert Lohmann, founder/business management Usher AI ““A future proof operational concept for airport ground movements”
  • Bart (Balthazar) ten Berge, Business Development Logplan “Integrated Airport Logistics e.g. passengers, staff, baggage, cargo and other goods”
  • Garoa Gomez Beldarrain, PhD researcher TU Delft ““The challenges and opportunities of automation implementation in the airside context”