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Incoming mission ANAC (Brazil)

Visit delegation ANAC (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil)
A delegation of the Brazilian National Aviation Authority is visiting the Netherlands in December.
The group consists of high-ranking ANAC officials amongst whom mr Ricardo Bezerra, director-general of ANAC. 
ANAC is the entity of the Brazilian Ministry of Transportation responsible for the regulations and safety oversight of airports and civil aviation.
Their program is well-filled, with visits to Schiphol, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, the Dutch Safety Board and various airport related companies and institutions.
They have also indicated to be very interested in meeting with the Dutch Airport Development & Infrastructure industry. Therefore the NAG is hosting a round table where the delegation can meet with Dutch entrepreneurs in said industries. 
This meeting will take place in the YES! Delft building in Delft on Wednesday, December 13th from 11:00 - 13:00, followed by a networking lunch.
During the meeting, the companies will have a possibility to present themselves to the delegation. 
Companies active in one of the following fields are invited to this meeting:

  • Security/safety protocols of civil flights
  • Security/safety protocols cargo flights
  • Airport operations
  • Freight management
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Regional Airports
  • Education, training and capacity  building

 ANAC is interested in companies applying new technologies and solutions to improve airports security and safety.

In case you would be interested in attending this meeting, please contact Sjoerd Keizerswaard or Daan Sjerp for more information.

Sjoerd Keizerwaard
Business Development Manager
+31 (0)88 1976 106
Daan Sjerp
Business Development Manager
+31 (0)88 1976 106

Participating members

Event details:

Molengraaffsingel 10
2629 JD Delft Netherlands

From: 12 Dec 2017
Till: 12 Dec 2017


  • Airport Development & Infrastructure


  • Incoming Mission

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