12 December 2022

General Members Assembly | December 2022

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On Thursday December 8th 2022 the General Members Assembly took place. The meeting was hosted by the Aircraft Maintenance & Training School (AM&TS) at Aviolanda Woensdrecht.

The meeting started with a warm welcome by the host: Wim Blinkhof, director/accountable manager AM&TS

During the formal part of the General Members Assembly, Frank Jansen and Lex Besselink announced all the information about the office, board, LRN, the budget and activities. Frank Jansen introduced three new members: Ansart B.V., FITS Technology and SAE Group Europe. Ruud Kleinendorst (Patria) retired as a board member after twelve years. He will be succeeded by Edwin Poldermans of Fokker Services Group. Heidi Haveman and Mark Ommert informed the members about the status of respectively CvBLo and Young NAG.

After the formal part of the General Members Assembly there were three short introductions of:

  • Aviolanda Aerospace by Sander Heijmans, executive director
  • DCMC by Rick van Opdorp, director ACRATS Group
  • Fokker Services Group by Edwin Poldermans, location director

After the introductions the members had the opportunity to visit the AM&TS, DCMC and Fokker Services Group.

The meeting ended with a network drink.