10 November 2022

IQ (Improving Quality) cluster 2022

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Theme: Knowledge Management (KM) in the context of Business Continuity

On November 8th our IQ (Improving Quality) cluster took place at the new NL headoffice of GKN Aerospace in Papendrecht! Just for the view it is fantastic to be here.

We would especially like to thank Lonneke Franken of GKN Aerospace for the warm welcome.

Presentations were given by:

  • Peter Loonen, representative NAG in EAQG Update EAQG
  • Jan Teeuw, director Quality GKN Aerospace Defense Business Line What is Knowledge Management? How do you work with it as a company? Knowledge Management in context of world around us
  • Jan Verbeek, Vice-chairman at NAG/Partner Knowledge Management and Innovation at ADSE How does Knowledge Management work for a non recurring environment? Engineering and other development work is often experience based so how do you get from a standard to practice? What are the processes? How do you address knowledge in relation to competencies?
  • Ton Gerrits, Training with Industry (TWI) Skills management. How do Train operators/mechanics, 1 to 1 in specific technical skills, relevant for production, maintenance & repair and measurements?

After the presentations we had three “knowledge cafes” in which the discussion on the topics of the presentations could be deepened.

Networking is always an important part of the IQ cluster meetings. During the break, lunch and drinks there was enough space for that.

It was an interesting day with about 35 enthusiastic participants.

Through a questionnaire, we have collected good ideas for meetings of the IQ cluster in 2023 and 2024.