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From: 31 Jan 2019
Till: 31 Jan 2019

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Segment meetings – Aircraft Maintenance

Once or twice a year we organize segment meetings for our members. During the segment meetings we offer the opportunity to discuss current topics with colleagues within your segment. This time, the NAG deliberately opted to disconnect the segment meetings from the General Members' Meeting. There was often too little time during the General Members' Meeting to give sufficient attention to the specific themes of the segment meetings. The choice for this was also motivated by the feedback we received from you.

We would like to invite you to the segment meetings with (New Year) networking drinks afterwards on Thursday 31 January from 13:30 – 17:30. We are pleased that KLM Engineering & Maintenance (KLM E&M) will host this meeting at KLM’s Headquarters in Amstelveen.

Time schedule for the afternoon:
13:30    Welcome with coffee/tea
14:00    Plenary session: presentation by the team of the innovation lab “The MRO Lab”’ of KLM E&M     We start with a plenary session in which the team of the innovation lab “the MRO lab” of KLM
E&M gives you an impression of the innovative projects they are working on.
14:30    Segment meetings
16.30    Network drink
17:30    End of program

We have done our best to find a current topic for each segment that is interesting for everyone. See the result below. Soon you will receive further information about the content/speakers.

You can choose which segment meeting you want to participate in. Although most members opt for the segment meeting that is connected to their activities. If your company is interested in participating in multiple sessions, feel free to sign up your colleagues as well.

Aircraft Maintenance
“Aviation technology education and the industry: mutual expectations for the future”

One of the biggest challenges the MRO-sector faces is finding good, adequately trained technical staff. This segment meeting will address that topic. We start with an overview of all known initiatives to increase the influx of good personnel, followed by a short insight in the projects in this field the NAG is involved in. The rest of the program is dedicated to finding out the experiences, wishes and expectations of all parties involved in the MRO-industry, including educational institutions. We shall  try to come to a list of topics that will serve as an agenda for a sounding board session with the industry in spring 2019. Discussions on the attractiveness of the studies in aviation technology and the industry itself, how to improve the involvement of the industry with the education and the quality of the educational system itself will be on the  agenda.

We look forward to welcoming you at KLM’s headquarters on January 31, 2019

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