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NAG Young Talent Network

We are looking forward in welcoming you at our Young Talent Network in 2021 to meet other young professionals. This year it will be our top priority and 3 events will be organized. We would like to invite you for the first session of the NAG Young Talent Network on March 25, 2021. This first event will be a webinar where sustainable aviation is discussed from the point of view of knowledge institutions.

 What is NAG Young Talent Network?
NAG Young Talent Network is a network established for young professionals in the aerospace sector. Currently, a young generation is standing up who will shape our future. These young people not only have potential to strengthen our business, but also have unique talents and points of view that can provide the solutions we need. As we aim to make aerospace future proof, we want to start actively involving this younger generation in our activities and the developments in the sector. 

Purpose of the NAG Young Talent Network:
• Fascinate and inspire young people for the sector
• Create an open innovation structure/ culture
• Create a network for young professionals
• Retaining young people for the sector

Key values of the NAG Young Talent Network:
• Impact on sustainability 
• Professional Career
• Collaborate (including with start-ups and educations)
• Switch and connect
We want to generate progress on sustainability issues, accelerate and provide innovative solutions that will strengthen the image of the sector!

Other NAG Young Talent Network events during 2021:
The second event will be a follow-up of the first session and will take place in June or July. This event will be a brainstorm session about: “What does it mean for the sector seen from the perspective of industry, operations and infrastructure?” The concrete ideas that come out of this brainstorm session will be pitched during the last event. This last event will be organized, if this is possible, physically in September or October. During this event captains of industries are invited to take note of these results.


  • Welcome and introduction NAG by Frank Jansen, Managing Director NAG


Presentation from the point of view of a:

  • Professor: Roelof Vos, Assistant Professor Tu Delft – Sustainable aviation in the future and Flying V

The Flying-V is a design for a very energy-efficient type of long-haul aircraft. This aircraft design, in which the passenger cabin, cargo deck and fuel tanks are integrated into the wing, uses 20% less fuel than the Airbus A350, today's most modern aircraft, due to a better aerodynamic shape and lower weight.

  • Student: Jan-Willem van Zwieten, Team Manager Aero Delft  – Sustainable aviation in the future and Aero Delft 

AeroDelft is a student-run research-based non-profit foundation from Delft, the Netherlands. It was founded by two students from the TU Delft in 2017 and currently consists of 45 students with different backgrounds. Our aim is to achieve hydrogen powered aviation, to make the world aware of its potential, while inspiring people and companies to invest their resources in the development towards sustainable aviation.


  • Closing by Frank Jansen through a wrap-up and a network drink.

During the network drink everyone gets time to talk with the other attendees 1 on 1.


  • End of program

In order to make the meeting accessible to as many participants as possible in COVID-19 times we have decided to organize the session online.
Participation is free.

We need your help!
We greatly appreciate it if this invitation is shared within the company with young talents up to 35 old from all different educational levels.

We look forward to welcoming at the online Young Talent Network on March 25, 2021. If you have any question, please send an email to

Participating members

Event details:


From: 25 Mar 2021
Till: 25 Mar 2021


  • Airport Development & Infrastructure
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Services


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