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Segment meetings – Aircraft Manufacturing

Once or twice a year we organize segment meetings for our members. During the segment meetings we offer the opportunity to discuss current topics with colleagues within your segment. This time, the NAG deliberately opted to disconnect the segment meetings from the General Members' Meeting. There was often too little time during the General Members' Meeting to give sufficient attention to the specific themes of the segment meetings. The choice for this was also motivated by the feedback we received from you.

We would like to invite you to the segment meetings with (New Year) networking drinks afterwards on Thursday 31 January from 13:30 – 17:30. We are pleased that KLM Engineering & Maintenance (KLM E&M) will host this meeting at KLM’s Headquarters in Amstelveen.

Time schedule for the afternoon:
13:30    Welcome with coffee/tea
14:00    Presentation “KLM E&M business, human capital and innovation” by
            Ton Dortmans, Executive Vice President KLM E&M
            Gülcan Aygün, Director Lean Six Sigma, Innovation & Program
14:30    Segment meetings
16.30    Network drink
17:30    End of program

We have done our best to find a current topic for each segment that is interesting for everyone. See the result below. Soon you will receive further information about the content/speakers.

You can choose which segment meeting you want to participate in. Although most members opt for the segment meeting that is connected to their activities. If your company is interested in participating in multiple sessions, feel free to sign up your colleagues as well.

Aircraft Manufacturing

The segment meeting on aircraft manufacturing will be centred around the theme:
"How can the manufacturing industry use its capacities for CO2 reduction in the short, medium and long term?"
A lot has changed in a short time. Two years ago, maximizing turnover and employment were the main pillars for the industry. Now attention is shifted more towards sustainable aviation (industry). While air traffic is growing fast, technological developments cannot keep up to reach climate goals. Therefore we must urgently accelerate developments, develop breakthrough technologies and start looking for alternatives. Aviation is facing the largest organised transition in its existence. The application of fossil fuels will be banned, and alternative fuels will be introduced. Eventually hybrid / electrical propulsion configurations are foreseen. The road is uncertain and several transition paths are foreseen.
In the meantime the Netherlands aviation sector and government have expressed the ambition to be at the forefront of electrification of aviation in 2030. This will have to be achieved through collaboration between government, users, industry, operators and knowledge institutes in the field of innovation, development and application. This will enforce the aircraft industry and its supply chain to come up with new or improved products to reduce CO2 emissions. Within the framework of a national Climate Agreement a dedicated Action Programme on Hybrid / Electric Flying in Commercial Aviation is foreseen to start mid-2019 under governance of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement.

Dutch industry must be prepared to act now and there will be numerous opportunities for new business.
Therefore we ask your active participation in our workshop to:

  • Inform the Netherlands government of the Netherlands Aircraft Manufacturing Industries capabilities on potential CO2 reduction
  • Provide a first input from the Netherlands Aircraft Manufacturing industries on capabilities for the definition of an Action Programme Hybrid / Electric Flying
  • Identify areas for research and technology development to update the LRN Roadmap Aeronautics 2018-2025 with a dedicated section on sustainable aviation and more in particular for the introduction of hybrid / electric aircraft

During the workshop we jointly should answer the following questions:

  • Are you already working on innovations in the field of sustainability? Also consider sustainable innovations that were not developed as such. We will identify these technologies, processes and products as a starting point for our future business
  • Do you have plans for sustainable innovations in the future? What are your ambitions?
  • What are our strong and weak points?  What is missing and what are our needs?

During the meeting we will be sharing our intermediate results: Which technologies and business models require more attention? How could we accelerate technological developments? What could be the added value of national, international or cross-sector cooperation. What actions are required to be introduced in the national roadmaps?
​The workshop will be opened by Arjan Vergouw, director of LRN. The sessions will be moderated by Jan Verbeek (ADSE) and Louis Aartman (LRN).

Let’s prepare for our future!

We look forward to welcoming you at KLM’s headquarters on January 31, 2019

Participating members

Event details:

Amsterdamseweg 55
1182 GP Amstelveen Netherlands

From: 31 Jan 2019
Till: 31 Jan 2019


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